Pig-monkey hybrids are born alive in China in world first


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Scientists in China have created pig-monkey ‘chimeras’, looking like baby pigs, but with some primate cells, in a world first.
Two piglet chimeras were born alive, but died within days, New Scientist reports.
The research could lead to scientists being able to grow human organs inside animals for transplants, supporters say - known as xenogeneic organogenesis.
But the research is highly controversial, with scientists opting to use cells from crab-eating macaques (Macaca fascicularis) rather than humans for ethical reasons.

Researchers implanted thousands of pig embryos with monkey cells imbued with proteins which would glow under fluorescent lights.
Two chimeras were born, but died within a week.
In both chimeras, certain organs including the heart, liver, spleen, lung, and skin all had a small proportion of monkey cells.
Hai said that the deaths may be related to the IVF process, and hopes to produce embryos with more monkey cells in future.
Other scientists have argued that creating a half-human, half-chimp ‘humanzee’ is possible - and could be a good idea.
David Barash of the University of Washington said that creating a ‘humanzee’ could be possible using genetic engineering techniques.
Barash said in an essay that creating such a hybrid would remind humans that they’re not unique, and may teach our species respect for the animal kingdom.
Humans and chimps share 99% of their DNA, so some scientists have argued that a hybrid might be viable.
Dr Barash said, ‘Such an individual would not be an exact equal-parts-of-each combination, but would be neither human nor chimp: rather, something in between.’


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Dr Barash said, ‘Such an individual would not be an exact equal-parts-of-each combination, but would be neither human nor chimp: rather, something in between
Not gonna happen! Human beings are created in God's own image. He, the Sovereign of the universe, knits them together in their mother's womb. No way is He going to stand aside and allow the crown of His creation to be 'hybridized' with other species. This kind of evil suggestion just tells me that He's getting ready to call His Church Home. Soon & very soon, we're going to see the Lord!


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It all just keeps saying how man has reached the point where he is going to experiment and tamper with human development. To me, this is a frightening place to be. It wreaks of the loss of respect and value of human life. They can cite that they are trying to do good for organ development, etc., but we all know how man's corrupt nature progresses when he gets control of something.


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I wonder why the law about mating different animals was given at that time? It seems the technology would not have been in place yet. It's interesting. Any ideas??
As I understand it, in the Old Covenant, the types and shadows of what was to come projected what we would make a distinction of spiritually. This was done with clean and unclean animals as well as their clothing not with mixed multiple types of threads (not colors, mind you). In Hebrews 5:14 it states: "Solid food is for the mature, for those who have their faculties trained by practice to distinguish good from evil." That's what it all points to, but its example at the time was pictured from a physical standpoint, though it ultimately referred to what the scripture quotes. The Lord wanted the people to understand that He wanted them to learn to recognize and make the distinction between clean and unclean. I see it as the stepping stone to New Testament recognition of purity from the heart. First it came externally with outward rites and ablutions, then it becomes internal with the advent of the Christ.
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