PHOTOS: Golfers brave erupting volcano in Hawaii to sneak in a round

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Since May 3, residents of Hawaii's Big Island have been struggling with the fallout from the recent and ongoing eruption of the Kilauea volcano. But that didn't stop a group of golfers from playing a few holes on Tuesday.

Photographer Mario Tama captured images of two men playing golf in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park with the massive ash plumes from Kilauea rising behind them, which you can see below [at link].

...Some evacuations of residents in the path of the volcano have already been enforced, and on Tuesday "the US Geological Survey issued a red alert Tuesday, which means a major eruption is imminent or underway and ash could affect air traffic," according to CNN.


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It’s moments like that where the saying “you made your bed now lay in it comes to mind”.

Saw a video of some campers in india at the base of the volcano (the opening had to be no more than 250meters) and as it’s violently spewing out ash they decide to just stand there and video tape it.


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Foolish to say the least.
But you gotta hand it to them for their dedication to golf! Misguided as it is. Our news was saying that thing could burp up car and refrigerator size molten lava rocks to fall on the foolish. I don't golf but I hear hazards are part of the fun of the game, but they are usually sand traps or ponds (in Florida complete with local alligators). Not volcanoes actively blowing hot gas, ash, and rivers of lava along with searing hot rock bombs the size of a Volkswagen.