Petty, vindictive response by teachers to Florida's parental rights law

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I just read that teachers are circulating a memo stating they are going to stop using normal terms like he/she, him/her, boy/girl, Mr./Mrs., mother/father, husband/wife, etc. They will only use them/they. They will avoid using books that use those words. They will stop labeling restrooms Boy/Girl.

In other words, refuse to use normal speech and proper grammar because they aren't supposed to be talking about 'GENDER". Fire them all! Better yet, pull the children out of public school and homeschool them instead.

The bill is NOT titled Don't Say Gay. That's just stupid. It's about the parents---the actual employers of the teachers---having a say regarding what the children are exposed to in their tender years. I could understand teachers not wanting to teach something immoral but were being forced into it. But they are just being asked not to delve into subjects they are inappropriate for little eyes and ears.
Why are they so obsessed with wanting to talk to 5 year olds about SEX? Save that for break time with fellow teachers or fellow patrons in a tavern after school. Kids should be learning the alphabet, counting, writing their names, reading, being read to, painting, music, drawing, coloring, making things with clay, playing during recess, and getting along in a group setting. No need for sex.



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I dont ever remember hearing anything sex related in Grammer school. Nor do I remember it being brought up when my child, neices and nephews went.

I can not imagine a situation where anything sexual in nature needs to be discussed in a class. If a kid is being *interfered with* at home and tells a teacher, that is a private matter,.not to be discussed in class.

Its so disturbing.