Pence withdraws from US presidential race


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Pence withdraws from US presidential race
Former US VP Mike Pence announces he won't run in 2024 elections.
Israel National News

Former US Vice President Mike Pence on Saturday afternoon announced that he would not run in the 2024 presidential elections. Speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition's annual conference in Las Vegas, Pence said he was withdrawing his candidacy. The Associated Press quoted him as saying, "We always knew this would be an uphill battle, but I have no regrets."



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Judas Pence got his due. His withdrawal is similar to the hanging in the Bible. It is his political hanging. Well deserved.

Pence showed who he truly was in a political sense when he turned on Trump and his supporters. It's sad he went down that path politically. :ohno
There are several others who need to get out of the race. I’ve felt all along that this will likely come down to a race between Trump and DeSantis. That’s provided that the current unrelenting lawfare against Trump especially that circus in NY doesn’t impoverish him or cause him to have some sort of health crisis. I’ve also felt that this disgraceful mess has several goals: 1) pay him back for having run in 2016 and beating the preferred winner Hillary Clinton 2) pay him back for taking steps to dismantle Obama’s “fundamental change” of our country 3) impoverish him and his family by dissolving his businesses 4) throw him in jail and thereby silencing and disgracing him 5) make him an object lesson as to what can happen to those who oppose the communist regime currently running the country. It’s sad and ridiculous what’s going on.
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Frankly even before the certification controversy, Pence always put me to sleep. I slept through most of his COVID press conferences. Interestingly, Trump chose him to be his veep even though he called Jeb Bush “a low energy guy” Pence looked like he had the energy of a teen who wouldn’t do his own laundry.