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Hi Folks,
Something has been bothering me lately and that is the way people are addressing certain other members as "pastors" etc. when some of these so called "pastors" have never ever been to seminary. While some members here are a wealth of information and know more than the vast majority of the rest of us, that does not mean we need to put them on a stage above everyone else.

For the first 8 years or so of RF, we did not allow people to use the titles "pastor", "reverend", etc. because everyone on the board should be on equal footing and no one should be exalted above others here in a religious capacity. This is a para-church ministry, it is not a full-fledged ministry with pastors, associate pastors, deacons, etc.

I am partly to blame for this "pastor" situation because I allowed a few people to run wild with the "pastor" title. However, from now on, I'd like for us to not use those titles on the board. I have people who sign up on the board as "Pastor Allen" and we don't know if they are a pastor or a wolf.

So, for the sake of security, safety, and fairness let's keep the "church titles" off the board and just refer to people by their usernames or names in order to keep this as a place of fellowship, but not a formal church-like atmosphere.

Thank you for understanding. :)
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