Party-of-riots-and-crime Leader Nancy Pelosi Accuses Trump of MURDER

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Ten years ago, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi praised the occupation of the Wisconsin Capitol building as an “impressive show of democracy in action.” Since then, however, her attitude toward capitol incursions has changed notably. Not only does she describe the January 6 Capitol riot as an “insurrection,” but she’s calling Donald Trump an accessory to murder for allegedly encouraging it.

For the record, last year’s CHAZ, or Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, takeover of part of Seattle was by definition an insurrection, though a lame one (not nearly as lame, however, as the January 6 effort would have been had it been an insurrection).

For the record, the goal of Antifa — which was involved in most or virtually all of last year’s 570-plus left-wing riots — is the overthrow of our government. Yet while Trump had told the Capitol Hill protester to go home after the violence erupted, Kamala Harris said in the wake of the left-wing riots that the protests “should not” stop.

And for the record, none of these Democrats care at all about their hypocrisy. In fact, as previously stated, Pelosi is doubling down. As the Daily Mail reports, Speaker “Pelosi said President Donald Trump could be an accessory to murder for his role in inciting the MAGA mob that rioted on Capitol Hill.”

“‘If you’re Donald Trump talking to these people, they believe it and they used his words to come here,’ Pelosi told MSNBC. ‘If they did, they would be accessory to the crime. And the crime, in some cases, was murder,’ she added.”

“Pelosi led second impeachment vote for Trump in the House, charge was ‘incitement of insurrection,’” the paper continued.

This is coming from the woman who said last year, in response to lawless mobs tearing down statues, “People will do what they do.

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