Parole decision for terrorist Walid Daqqah delayed after backlash


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Parole decision for terrorist Walid Daqqah delayed after backlash
Families of terrorism victims are supposed to be informed about matters pertaining to the release of their relative's murderers, but for unknown reasons, the Tamam family was not notified.

The parole decision for terrorist Walid Daqqah was postponed until next Wednesday after the family of his victim criticized Israeli security services for failing to inform them of a hearing on Wednesday before a regular parole committee.

Daqqah's family, which has been campaigning for his release due to his bone marrow cancer, said in a statement that the terrorist's parole decision would not be given on May 24, but instead May 31. They said this decision came "Despite the critically critical health condition of prisoner Walid Daqqah" at Shamir Medical Center.

Ortal Tamam, niece of IDF soldier Moshe Tamam who had been tortured and murdered by Daqqah's terrorist cell, wrote on Facebook on Wednesday that in her opinion the delay was initiated with the hope that the public would forget about the issue.



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He's getting Israeli health care in prison, far better than he'd get anywhere else. He didn't care about Moshe Tamam or Tamam's family.

Why should he be treated better than Tamam? Why is his family more important than Tamam's family? They weren't given the chance to say goodbye, to ease his passing.

The Israeli's didn't put him to death for his crimes, and they are giving him care at the Shamir Medical Center instead. They showed more than enough mercy already.

He and his family didn't care about Tamam or his family's grief.

If the Israeli's wanted to they would have every right to hold his body hostage till some Israeli's bodies were returned for burial but they will be kind and compassionate even to their enemy.