Palestinians renew threat to nix agreements with Israel


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Palestinians renew threat to nix agreements with Israel
PA head Mahmoud Abbas is set to visit Moscow to demand for additional pressure on Israel. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett visited Russia last week.
OCTOBER 25, 2021

Palestinian leaders have renewed their threats to rescind all signed agreements with Israel, especially the Oslo Accords, saying they are also disappointed with the US administration’s “lack of interest” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Palestinian Authority officials have stepped up their rhetorical attacks on the Israeli government, a move that is threatening to end an apparent thaw in relations between the PA and Israel.

In recent weeks, a number of Israeli ministers and officials, including Defense Minister Benny Gantz, visited Ramallah, where they met with PA President Mahmoud Abbas and other Palestinian representatives. Additionally, the PLO Committee for Interaction with Israeli Society has hosted several delegations of Israeli academics, writers, journalists, political activists and former government officials over the past few weeks, as part of an effort to encourage dialogue between the two sides.