Palestinians eagerly await arrival of 4G cellular service


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Palestinians eagerly await arrival of 4G cellular service
PA, Israel reach an agreement on upgrade, but West Bank-based providers will still lag in technology.
AUGUST 31, 2021

Palestinian wireless providers are gearing up to soon move beyond third-generation service and usher in 4G technology. Palestinian Authority Civil Affairs Minister Hussein Al-Sheikh made the announcement in a tweet on Tuesday. The news was part of several understandings reached during a meeting between PA President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Sunday. While Israeli cellular providers upgraded to 4G in 2014, their Palestinian counterparts in the West Bank only moved to 3G in 2018 and Gaza remains with 2G.

The fifth generation of cellular networks, 5G, officially launched in Israel last year. Palestinian cellular providers are ecstatic, saying launching their own high-speed data services in the West Bank will narrow the technological gap with Israel and even the playing field. Ammar Aker, CEO at Palestine Telecom (Paltel) Group, told The Media Line he is excited about the news.