Palestinian preteen killed by IDF fire after family buries infant in bag


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Palestinian preteen killed by IDF fire after family buries infant in bag
The al-Alami family car reportedly approached the soldiers in a "suspicious manner," and the soldiers began shooting towards the vehicle, fearing an attempted ramming attack.
JULY 29, 2021

The IDF opened an investigation on Wednesday after Palestinian media reported that a Palestinian preteen was shot and killed by the IDF during arrest procedures that took place after Palestinian suspects dropped a bag carrying the corpse of an infant next to a military post. "Earlier [on Wednesday], IDF soldiers identified a number of suspects who got out of vehicles near a military post at the entrance to Kfar Beit Ummar, in the area of the Etzion Regional Brigade."

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit announced on Wednesday night that soldiers near the entrance of Kfar Beit Ummar saw suspects get out of their car next to a military post in the area and begin digging. After a few minutes the suspects left and when the soldiers arrived at the site to investigate, they found two bags, including one containing the corpse of a one-day-old infant. The soldiers began searching the area for the suspects' vehicle and, shortly afterwards, spotted a vehicle that they identified as the suspects' vehicle. The soldiers began arrest procedures, including firing in the air and shouting. When the vehicle failed to stop, one of the soldiers fired towards the wheels of the car in order to stop it. Palestinian reports claimed that a Palestinian preteen was killed by the gunfire. The incident is being investigated on the command level and by military police.