Palestinian killed during clashes with IDF in West Bank


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Palestinian killed during clashes with IDF in West Bank
The PIJ and Hamas both claimed that the killed Palestinian was a member of their movements.
Published: NOVEMBER 16, 2021

A Palestinian was shot and killed during clashes with the IDF in Tubas, located northeast of Nablus in the West Bank, on Tuesday morning, according to Palestinian reports. The Palestinian was identified as Saddam Hussein Bani Odeh. The IDF stated that it had entered Tubas to arrest two suspects and that soldiers operating in the town came under fire and an explosive device was thrown at them from a passive vehicle. The soldiers returned fire, with the IDF saying it was aware of claims about a killed Palestinian. No soldiers were wounded in the clashes.

In response to Odeh's death, Hamas called for an escalation in the West Bank and for the Palestinian Authority to stop security coordination with Israel. While both Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement issued statements mourning Odeh, it was unclear as of Tuesday afternoon which movement he belonged to. The PIJ explicitly stated that he was a member of the movement, but a graphic shared by the Palestinian Safa news agency stated that Odeh was a member of Hamas. Pictures of Odeh's body showed it shrouded in a Hamas flag with a PIJ flag placed on top. Another photo showed his body with only the Hamas flag, but with a PIJ headband on his head.