Palestinian-Israeli violence shows PA, Jordan powerless in Jerusalem - analysis


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Palestinian-Israeli violence shows PA, Jordan powerless in Jerusalem - analysis
Instead of making good on their promises to work towards calming the situation, the PA and Jordan continue to issue strong condemnations of Israel almost on a daily basis.
Published: APRIL 4, 2022

The clashes that erupted between Palestinians and Israeli police officers outside the Old City of Jerusalem over the past two days are a clear indication that the Palestinian Authority and Jordan either have no real influence over events in the city or that they did not do anything to calm the situation. The PA, which has no security presence within the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem, is reported to have assured Israeli, American and Jordanian officials that Ramallah is interested in calming the situation and preventing an outbreak of violence during Ramadan.

The assurances were relayed during meetings with Israeli and US officials, as well as the Jordanian authorities, including King Abdullah II, who even paid a rare visit to Ramallah as part of an effort to avert a flare-up of violence and tensions during Ramadan, which began on Saturday. Palestinian and Jordanian officials, who talked about the need to prevent a “major escalation” in the city, urged Israel to ease tensions by preventing Jews from touring the Aqsa Mosque compound on the Temple Mount during Ramadan and Passover.