Palestinian-IDF clashes across West Bank; Police declare high alert


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Palestinian-IDF clashes across West Bank; Police declare high alert
A cancellation of leave has been imposed on IDF soldiers of the Judea and Samaria Division due to the West Bank clashes, Israeli media reported on Thursday.
SEPTEMBER 10, 2021

Violent riots resumed Thursday night across the West Bank, in Bethlehem, Jenin, Hebron, Kalkilya, Etzion and Nablus, Israeli media reported, in a repeat of the hundred-protestors-strong riots on Wednesday night in solidarity with the six escaped prisoners from Gilboa prison. In light of the rising tensions and the manhunt still underway for the escapees, police announced a state of Level 2 alert - one before the highest level - preparing to secure gatherings tomorrow during Friday prayers, N12 reported. The police are getting ready to revert of a state of emergency if the need arises, according to the report.

Palestinians have been rioting and celebrating the Gilboa escape, and have declared a Day of Rage after the prayers tomorrow. Earlier, clashes erupted between Palestinians and IDF soldiers near the Eliyahu crossing in Kalkilya, Palestinian media reported. Palestinian rioters opened fire towards IDF soldiers at the Jalama checkpoint, located between Mount Gilboa and Jenin, according to Palestinian media, injuring a young man.