Palestinian Elections: PA urges Hamas to release ‘political’ detainees


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Palestinian Elections: PA urges Hamas to release ‘political’ detainees
Hamas: No ‘political’ detainees in Gaza
FEBRUARY 22, 2021

The Palestinian Authority on Monday urged Hamas to release all “political” detainees as required by PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s decree to boost public freedoms ahead of the general elections. In opening remarks during the weekly meeting of the PA cabinet in Ramallah, Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said more than 80 “political” detainees were being held in Hamas prisons in the Gaza Strip. Most of the detainees belong to Abbas’s ruling Fatah faction, according to Palestinian sources. In response to Shtayyeh’s call, Hamas denied that it was holding “political” detainees in its prisons. All the detainees and prisoners in Hamas prisons have been convicted of criminal or security offenses, the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Interior said in a statement. Shtayyeh said there were no “political detainees” in PA prisons in the West Bank. “Public freedoms are safeguarded in accordance with the Palestinian Basic Law,” he said.