Palestinian anti-Israel politics prevent COVID-19 vaccinations


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Palestinian anti-Israel politics prevent COVID-19 vaccinations
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JUNE 19, 2021

The Palestinian Authority shot itself in the foot with its decision to reject up to 1.4 million Israeli vaccines that could have enabled it to inoculate its citizens months earlier than planned. On Friday, less than a week since Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s new broad-based coalition was sworn in, Israel announced that the country had reached a deal to immediately transfer Pfizer vaccines that were nearing their expiration date to the Palestinians in exchange for the same number later on.

The PA had ordered vaccines from Pfizer back in April, but the company said they were not expected to be delivered for at least several more months. The shipment, on top of the one million vaccines promised to the Palestinians under the United Nations-related COVAX program, could have allowed for up to 40% of the Palestinians to be vaccinated by the end of the year.