PA slammed by EU Committee for producing new antisemitic textbooks


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PA slammed by EU Committee for producing new antisemitic textbooks
A report went over thousands of pages of new teaching material made by the PA, the material in which was worse than previous Palestinian textbooks produced.
Published: APRIL 2, 2022

The European Parliament’s Budgetary Control committee passed a motion condemning the Palestinian Authority for creating new school textbooks containing violent and hateful materials using funding provided by the EU itself. The motion is part of the EU’s annual budgetary procedure which examines exactly how European taxpayer funds have been spent on projects carried out by the EU. This motion has effectively frozen EU funding to the PA during its deliberation, while funding conditionality is examined.

The motion was proposed by the left-leaning Renew Europe Party and supported by the centrist EPP party. It demands that the Palestinian Authority be “closely scrutinized” and that the curriculum be modified “expeditiously”. The EU “Deplores that problematic and hateful material in Palestinian school textbooks has still not been removed and is concerned about the continued failure to act effectively against hate speech and violence in school textbooks and especially in the newly created study cards…”