PA leader Abbas slams plan to approve new settlement construction


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PA leader Abbas slams plan to approve new settlement construction
Over 2,000 new settlement units set to be advanced, drawing Ramallah’s ire; construction will take place in blocs, but also in more isolated settlements deep in West Bank
By Aaron Boxerman
12 August 2021

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday condemned an anticipated Israeli decision to advance some 2,200 housing units in settlements across the West Bank. Abbas’s office argued the Israeli decision to build in the settlements contradicts the position of United States President Joe Biden, who has been critical of settlement construction. “It contradicts the clear American position expressed by President Joe Biden during his call with President Mahmoud Abbas, in which he affirmed the American side’s rejection of settlements and unilateral measures,” Abbas’s office said in a statement.

Abbas demanded that the US and the international community “immediately and seriously work to stop this Israeli advancement,” his office said. The Palestinian Authority opposes Israeli settlement construction, as its officials hope to see the West Bank become an integral part of a future Palestinian state. The growing network of Israeli settlements in the area could make a future Palestine next to Israel an impossibility, Palestinians argue.