Our own games.. Anything weirder than Game 3? I had a 20-inning WS game in strat once...

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    Has anyone ever seen any crazier in games they've done than the recent Game 3 of the World Series? (Which lasted longer timewise than the entire 1939 Series!)

    I've had a number of Strat-O-Matic games that were quite exciting. I don't know if any of you ever played Strat or other computer gmes. (Or maybe some even prefer the cards and dice Strat - I never had that.)

    Anyway, I amentioned in a hmor thread a 20-inning World Series game 1 and thought I'd give it its own thread. Basically, I'd managed the Cubs to 90 wins or so - only half a doze more than OTL (our timeline), the Expos had some bad luck, the PHillies' bullpen was awful, and they won a close pennant race before downing the Braves, while the Mariners got a super-great year from Randy Johnson and just beat out the White Sox before winning the pennant easily. So, Randy Johnson was all set to pitch Game 1 in Seattle.

    He left with a 2-2 tiw in the 8th or 9th, I forget which, and the game kept going. And doing. I put Steve Trachsel in in the 17th and it was like that Game 3 OTL with Drew Pomeranz, which was quoted as saying he was shocked to make the Series roster. Trachesel was okay but not great for those Cubs in my game, as he started very few games.(I managed with stgarters going logner and Randy Myers more like a Goose Gossage, going 2 or more inning to get saves a fair amount.)

    So, my bullpen was all mesed up, and I let Game 2 be a loss when the starter didn't do well, but my bullpen was still a mess for game 3 a bit, so I started Trachsel again in Wrigley, and he won, something like 7-3 probably. The Cubs won Game 4 and then eked out a win in Game 5 to win the Series.

    This was probably 18-20 years ago, but I still fondly remember that Series as among my favorites. What are some memorable games any of you have payed in computer games - or just wild games in general in real life? Or am I the only one who loves computer games like that?

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