Our Christian Repairman...


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A few days ago we had a visit from our repairman, but it was a very different person who came than
we had ever met before.

As he came to the door I had a feeling that he was someone I liked, even though I had never met him.
We shook hands. He had an accent from a foreign country.
He needed to go on top of our roof even though it was after dark, and I tried to talk him out of that, because
I hoped he would be safer up there when it was light out. But he insisted so I let him. Before he went up I asked him
if I could pray for him, for his safety. Some people, these days, would not like that, but he did, and he gave me permission.
As I prayed I raised my hands towards Heaven, and he prayed also. I told him when we were finished praying that he would be fine, and up the ladder he went. It was very dark, and he only had my flash light. But I think that he had the help of the Lord also.

When he came back down, he looked relieved, and he said "Praise the Lord!" which I said also.
Another few minutes, and he was finished working on the rest of the house, and before he left he thanked me for the prayer, and for the hot coffee that I also gave him.
After he was gone, wife told me that he had a cross of Jesus hanging from his rear view mirror.

Also when he gave us his receipt, I saw that his first name was also the name of a lesser known book of the Bible.

What a strong Christian he must be. It was a pleasure to meet him, and if we ever need this type of repair again, I hope they send us him!

Thanks to Jesus!
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I imagine that was encouraging for him as well. It's probably just as rare for a repairman to run into a Christian family as it is for a family to run into a Christian repairman. If you got his name, perhaps consider calling the company up again and giving him a good review so to speak, considering he was both kind and presumably did a good job with your house. I'm always thankful for the little encouraging things like that that God puts in our paths