Oregon Department of Education Wants to Hide Student Gender Identity from Parents

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The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) published a guide that encourages schools to hide students’ gender identity from parents.

The 48-page document, titled “Supporting Gender Expansive Students, Guidance for Schools,” not only pushes gender ideology and queer theory, it also tells schools to hide information from students’ parents when possible.

“To the extent possible, schools should refrain from revealing information about a student’s gender identity, even to parents,” the document from the ODE reads.


It's quite challenging to be a Believing parent in these days. Many believing parents will have to make some hard choices to help ensure the welfare of their children. I know I wouldn't want my child in any school district where officials were trying to hide information from me regarding my child. I could not have my child in public school in Oregon. I'd have to home school or move to another state. Moving to another state isn't always something a family can do. :pray
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