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I have fans all over my house. I love my fans. Most of them have 3 speeds, high, medium, and low. I have fans in almost every room. I even have fans in my shop.

I’ve heard they have a website for only fans. They have only fan models. Can you imagine a store of only fans? I can’t understand why anyone would want to look at only fans. I have large fans, medium fans, and small fans.

They’re pretty much all the same, but they’re only fans.:chatter


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I’m a fan of fans.
I grew up without A/C in a house not built tightly or even insulated. The fan is so calming to sleep by. We had this old oscillating metal fan maybe about 12” wide on a stand that could adjust the height. One night I woke up and smelled something. The fan motor was smoking. Sadly so much for that fan and it was tossed. Wish I could find another just like it. The ones now are plastic and too large.