Once a Catholic, always a Catholic. Is this true?


Been out of the Catholic cult for about 25 years now (as I've posted elsewhere). And I'm assuming the local parish still has me on their rolls. But the RCC has no power or authority over me whatsoever. Once I became a born-again, Scripture believing child of God, all ties to the RCC cult were severed forever.


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I'm another ex-Catholic, or as the Catholics like to say about those who disagree with Catholic 'teachings', an "anti-Catholic" :doh2

My parents/siblings stayed with this false belief system and because of it have very little to do with me, the black sheep ... both of my parents are elderly and have health issues and I pray for their salvation and release from the bondage.


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Yet another former Catholic here! It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, just be faithful to Jesus!

One thing I found interesting over the years is that my Catholic family would often turn to US for prayer, instead of Catholics, when there was deep need.

And both of my parents ended up receiving Christ before they passed!!