On the Origin Of Articles


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Check this out, a hilarious refutation of evolution theory from Jason Lisle:

"Tasteful satire can be a great way to refute faulty reasoning. Satire exposes human folly by pretending to advocate a bad position in a way that exposes its absurdity. It is an application of Proverbs 26:4-5. We don’t “answer the fool according to his folly” in actuality or we would be like him. But we do “answer the fool according to his folly” as a hypothetical for the purpose of revealing his absurdity. In logic, this method of refutation is called a reductio ad absurdum. We push the bad argument to its inevitable, obviously absurd conclusion, often by applying the same reasoning to a similar but more obvious situation. Evolutionists use very poor reasoning when they attempt to argue for particles-to-people evolution. The article below exposes this by showing how that same reasoning leads to the conclusion that articles have no authors! If that conclusion is unreasonable, then so is particles-to-people evolution, because the reasoning is the same. After reading the article take a look at some of the comments by evolutionists, and my responses to them."

On the Origin of Articles​

You might think that someone wrote this article. But of course, you would be mistaken. Articles are not written by people. They are the result of chance. Every intelligent person knows it… https://biblicalscienceinstitute.com/apologetics/on-the-origin-of-articles/