Ohio to let teachers carry guns after 24 hours of training


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I can see it now. If a lot of teachers get on board with this, it will “trigger” a Defund the Teachers movement by the left wing whackos.


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There needs to be a full investigation over the school shooting incident have read injured teacher calling the police cowards.


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If we’d invest our billions in our own nation before foreign nations teachers wouldn’t need to be armed because we could pay full time guards for every door. i know, that’s crazy talk…..


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I'm reading a book by Laura Ingalls, Farmer Boy. It is a story about how her husband grew up on a farm in New York state back in the 1800's, One of the problems was that 4 or 5 of the older boys would taunt the teacher til he tried to discipline then they would beat him almost to death. School was then out for the year.
It didn't discuss the exact circumstances but this one skinny little teacher was hired. Any way it was the teacher's turn to stay at Farmer Boy parent house. Farmer Boy heard dad and the teacher talking about the kids coming to school. But didn't hear the plan because of bed time. Took the bad kids about a week to engineer the circumstances so that the teacher would have to discipline them.
After lunch the teacher called the trouble makers to the front row and lectured them on their behavior. Next day they did the same thing, so the teacher said it was time for the discipline. First kid came up and laughed at the teacher. Then when he came at the teacher the teacher use the bull whip that Farmer Boy's dad gave to the teacher. That time the teacher won and continued to teach.