Obama Out


True, Buzz. Very true. But, I would still rather have it be Hillary v. McCain (same ideologies, just use different bathrooms) than have anything to do with Obama.


In any event, it seems the nightmare will continue for a while longer.

I'm beginning to think the fathers of the Neoconservative movement were correct in their assessment that "Christian Americans are the dumbest people on earth".

...That's not true.

I don't really believe that we, as a group, are dumb. I do believe the vast majority of us choose to remain blissfully ignorant.

I would lay odds that if you were to ask Christians in your church, at random, who Leo Strauss was, they would associate his name with a brand of jeans.


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I don't know
It's a lose lose lose situation anyway :ohno

You're being too optimistic, Buzz! It COULD get worse!

After big night, ex-first lady leaves door open to sharing ticket with rival

Asked on CBS's "The Early Show" whether she and Obama should be on the same ticket, Clinton said: "That may be where this is headed, but of course we have to decide who is on the top of ticket. I think the people of Ohio very clearly said that it should be me."

Later on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Clinton noted that both candidates have been asked this question many times. "Obviously it's premature for either of us to address it but you know there's a lot of interest in that.


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We have three candidates, none of which will stand up and say that abortion is wrong. Obama just started spewing pro-abortion and pro-gay messages like it's the ticket to get elected all of a sudden.

Hillary is a progressive, who believes we can perfect the world if we all just try and get along.

McCain is Hillary, with some experience but would be a OWG enthusiast for sure. He didn't even want to close the borders originally. NO conservative in sight.


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I just heard this morning, Buzz...that Obama has won Wyoming, plus...

A fellow GOP Senator mentioned that should Obama win the presidency, all Moslems/Islamists will be dancing in the streets here and over in the ME...

And, have you guys been watching Saturday Night Live? ;) :hyst :pound: