Oak Lawn United Methodist- falls to LGBTQ agenga

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Yes, and I think it's important to delineate what's a salvation/doctrine issue vs we have yet to see how prophecy will play out issue.

Although, stances on the Rapture can give insight to where some doctrinal issues may be held.


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You should take a look at Andy Woods sermon concerning how apostasy in the Church is a major sign of the end times. Another member posted this in another thread (that I can't recall). Anyway, here is the link:https: //slbc.org/sermon/2-timothy-020-the-last-days-apostasy-of-the-church/

He really does a great job with the sermon.

Sorry you can't find a good church. I moved to another state and had the same problem. Apostasy in the church is like a cancer and is much more prevalent than you think and is spreading like wild fire. After listening to Andy's sermon the season of the Rapture is really here!
TYSM Jay!!!! :)