NYC Restaurant Requires Guests Take $50 Rapid Coronavirus Test Before Entering

Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
The article doesn't state whether the employees have to pay for the test too.

I doubt the employees would have to pay for their tests. I think that would be a Labor Law issue, and the employees would win with a simple phone call to the Labor Board.

Imagine working there and having to pay a $50 entrance fee, then not making enough in tips because not enough dopes showed up at $50 a pop just to get in.

You work a 6 to 8 hour shift and lose money.

Cab drivers that rent their cabs (pay pro) or have to pay the huge fee for a medallion in NYC have always faced the possibility of losing money (plus gas, cleaning, good tunes, newspapers, map book, maps, cell phone, etc.). Ditto exotic dancers that have to pay rent (pro) for the stage and pole, tip the DJ, tip the bouncer(s). tip the security guy at the dressing room door, tip the manager to get a good stage, etc.

Cost of living and wages are high enough in NYC that a $50 wuhan virus test probably won't hurt the business that much, and might actually help it.

Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
The FBI has a giant database for criminal justice purposes.

And there's a National DNA database used by law enforcement

Issues related to criminal justice databases

Scary information about open source DNA databases

Commercial DNA databases

Result of increasing privacy concerns over commercial DNA database information

Military advising troops not to use commercial DNA databases

Armed Forces POW/MIA

Millions of Americans could be identified from DNA databases, even if they've never taken a DNA test

Trace DNA from objects, including Bibles, hymnals, etc. can be analyzed to determine who handled it. :tappingfoot

If church becomes illegal and everyone flees during a raid, if DNA is on the pews, Communion rail, Communion cups, Sunday school classrooms, restrooms, etc. every congregant, whose DNA is in a database for whatever reason, can be identified and rounded up :eek

Rocky Rivera

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No thanks, I'll cook at home! No lines, nobody sneezing, coughing, or retching, nobody mixing their bodily fluids with the food I ordered....**Sigh** I can't believe people will pay for that stuff!


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What's he need our DNA info for?
I'm not sure yet, ...the Bible says the issues of life are in the blood. I kind of think that when we are born again from above that we might have a change in our DNA ....maybe from that of Adam's to our Father? the Bible says we are made "a new creation"
God said "But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be...
god destroyed all of the wicked in the flood, even the babies and children. Noah was the only one found blameless, possibly "untouched" ( by the fallen angels dna?) we know that Noah wasn’t sinless, because none have been except for it was something else that spared him and his family besides sinlessness.
Anyway, there is something to the "mark" placed on Cain...and to believers being sealed by God unto the day of redemption.
There is much talk about DNA with this new vaccine. What if satan and his minions have found a way to determine who belongs to God, through our DNA? I know all of this sounds crazy, but think "lying signs and wonders"
Btw, this is only my wild imagination you can read this as an end time horror story, or ponder what is going on now in a little different direction.
I've been reading that the new vaccine is about 90% effective. What about the 10% it won’t work for? ....that 10% rings a bell to me, in what God usually sets aside....maybe his people? What if the vaccine doesn’t work on born again Christians because of our DNA? ...that would surely give the world reason to hunt down and kill...& unless we take some type of DNA altering "vaccine" to stop us from spreading the virus, we will be seen as a threat to humanity.....won’t be able to go to work, buy or sell. etc.....will be forced to take the mark of Cain?...or die.
i'm convinced there is something to this virus and the "cure" that will tie it to the mark of the beast eventually.
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