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A recent New York Times article documents Norway's fascination with ghosts. "While churches here may be largely empty and belief in God, according to opinion polls, in steady decline, belief in, or at least fascination with, ghosts and spirits is surging. Even Norway's royal family, which is required by law to belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church, has flirted with ghosts, with a princess coaching people on how to reach out to spirits" ("Norway Has a New Passion: Ghost Hunting," New York Times, Oct. 24, 2015). This is merely the latest in reports that have documented Europe's growing love of the occult. "Palmistry, the crystal ball and astrology have never been so popular" ("Europe's Love of the Occult," New York Times, Aug. 15, 2007). Most European countries turned from paganism to Roman Catholicism in the first millennium; many of them turned to Protestantism in the second; now they are returning to paganism. Atheistic science leaves man empty, with the deepest questions unanswered. "Science" cannot answer the fundamental questions of life, such as where did man come from, why is he so dramatically different from the animals, what is man's purpose, how should man live, is there a God and if so what is he like, and what happens after death?


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:frust :doh

Happy Hellnight. :p

Yes, I never saw Halloween, when I was a child, as anything more than a night to get A LOT of free candy! :dance Now, however, I can see it is a subtle way to indoctrinate kids into occultic ways and practices. Granted I grew up in the 60's and things were just beginning to change from the innocence,naïveté and positive energy of post war America to a darker side that has continued through to today. Even trying to keep it fun for my kids by not allowing any costumes that had anything to do with occult,i.e. devil, witch, cartoon characters with occult symbolism, etc. Plus, we went to a costumed church carnival vs. going out to "trick or treat".

Was it enough, now I don't think so and would try to explain to my kids what the true meaning behind Halloween is. I was a new Christian back then and didn't have the depth of understanding I do now and would make different decisions. It is very hard to walk the line of being in the world, but not of the world. :gaah


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Every year I detest Halloween more and more. Those who use the excuse of celebrating all hallows eve and Martin Luther can't explain why do so with costumes and jackolanters, which are meant to fool and scare off evil spirits. It's not an innocent fun. It's blatantly a satanic day. Those who try to say otherwise are not willing to look with both eyes open.

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when all the false thrones are cast down and Jesus has his we will most assuredly know more as to why some things entertained so ignorantly was to great peril of the souls :(

:banning . many many Nations just as Norway , has dangerous fascinations

they ought to fasten God's word around their necks and wear it through the dark night

when the all out demonic breaks loose I am certain they will look for help and their fascination with will turn to great trepidation ,just as in the desert places left for satyers and devils :woah