Noah COULD have floated his boat, say scientists: Ark really could have coped with two of every anim


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Even if there were a hole in the hull, it would still have floated and saved the 8 humans and all the animals aboard.

This was an act of God, but I am glad that a university of all places is concurring that it would have been possible to do this, given the information they have about the ark.

The follow up to this story will probably be that several people are being banned from Leicester university and an apology will be issued by the faculty to the rest of the world!


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AIG has done plenty of work on the Noah flood. The ark was a barge about the size of a Casablanca light-aircraft carrier. lots of room.

One of the prime fails of the evolutionists is the specie count. They keep putting the FISH on the boat.

Genus vs specie is another argument. How many dog breeds do we have? 100's? most from the last 300 years or less.
How many dogs are there ... like 14 gerera. Maybe we don't need so many varieties, and they may not have existed when Noah loaded up.