No YouTube prophets on RF


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Lots of problems on RF lately with this topic.

I am going to post Rule #14, which has been on the books for a long time now, from the forums rules about posting videos from other places on the Internet on RF. This is a "no-no" and I can not tolerate the flooding of your other favorite prophecy teachers videos on RF. This ministry is about Jesus and Rapture Forums, it is about not your favorite prophecy teachers. If you want to discuss other prophecy teachers, please go do it on their sites.

While you are on the forum rules page, please read the rest of the rules and post accordingly.

Thank you for your attention to this.

[14] No posts, links, or videos from other message boards, forums, websites, or political and religious blogs on this site. We are about promoting RF not your favorite other prophecy teachers.

The mod team alone reserves the right to post links to responsible blogs when important to the discussion of particular topics. Due to the dynamic and uncensored nature of blogs (especially on YouTube), the mod team does not have the time to monitor, validate, and approve all blogs or videos on the Internet. Please note that this applies also applies to signatures. Please do not post links to videos on YouTube (such as Amir, JD, etc.) on the forum. YouTube is NOT the place to get your Bible study materials. We are not a clearinghouse or in business to post videos from your favorite prophecy teachers. Our focus is on the RF ministry, not the ministry of your favorite teachers. Please do not flood RF with videos from other sites. Due to the nature and length of videos, we don't have time or the inclination to check out every video that some one puts together, just like we don't have time to go down to the public library and read every book down there to see if it is suitable for Rapture Forums. NO videos allowed on the forums. RF staff are allowed to post videos from YouTube, etc. as it is more likely we have vetted videos than the general public here on the forums. We take seriously that sound teaching is promoted on Rapture Forums, therefore YouTube prophets and false teachers are not to be promoted on Rapture Forums.