'No returning terrorists' bodies. Period.'

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    'No returning terrorists' bodies. Period.'
    MK Shuli Mualem: No difference between terror against Israel and any other terror. A terrorist out to murder Jews deserves death.
    Chezki Baruch, 10/01/17 19:59
    Jewish Home MK Shuli Muallem

    MK Shuli Mualem Refaeli, head of the Lobby to Redeem Captives, referred in an interview with Arutz 7 to the murderous attack in Armon Hanatziv and Israel's obligatory reaction: "It must be clear that a terrorist out to murder Jews - is sentenced to death." She said, "The price to be paid by the family and acquaintances, near and far, of a terrorist, must be a big price, in order to clarify to anyone whose mind entertains the slightest thought of leaving home one morning and trying to harm Jews and Israelis, that the punishment exacted from his family, his village, and his clan is severe enough make him think twice. Perhaps in this way we can reduce the number of attacks".

    On reports that two bodies of terrorists were returned to the PA, Mualem-Refaeli said: "To the best of my knowledge the bodies that were returned are not Hamas terrorists, but I think reactions from Hamas and other terrorist organizations teach us that it is wrong for us to make this distinction. No returning terrorists' bodies. Period."

    "Whether or not they are Israeli citizens, returning terrorists' bodies is used as a tool to glorify terrorist attacks, and we should not help that happen. No allowing the return of terrorists' bodies. This way pressure can be exerted on Hamas and other organizations," she asserted. Mualem also calls to limit the rights of security prisoners: "We must not allow things that are beyond the basic rights which Israel has ratified in international conventions."

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    How about if you return them wrapped in bacon?
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    Don't like bacon, so they can wrap as much as they like, feel sorry for the pigs though.
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    Actually, I had heard (needs confirmation) that the Muslim whose body is buried with something unclean, like pigskin, is considered doomed to hell no matter if he was a jihadi or not, according to their theology. I can’t remember the source. That would be an incredible Achilles heel for Muslim extremism, if accurate. Certainly withholding the body is reasonable. I suspect it would be tough on Jewish sensitivities to improper burial, that’s what holds it back? Bet someone here knows more than I do on the subject. Educate me.

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