No More Single Sex Bathrooms in Chicago Public Schools


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No More Single Sex Bathrooms in Chicago Public Schools
By Laurie Higgins

The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) system — rife with systemic bias against conservative views of sex and sexuality — has announced its newest effort to cultivate “inclusivity” and “equity” in all of its K-12 schools. The “social justice” activists, pudden-heads, and lemmings who lead the CPS have banned all single-sex bathrooms for children and staff. Instead, children and staff are free to use any bathroom they are “comfortable” using.

Subjective feelings now trump objective scientific reality in determining bathroom usage policy. All bathrooms are now co-ed. No word yet on how the CPS plans to include and respect children and adults who are uncomfortable sharing bathrooms with opposite-sex persons.

As of December 1, 2021, all bathroom signage in CPS schools was supposed to be replaced with signs making clear that multiple occupancy bathrooms are now sexually integrated bathrooms.

What is especially noteworthy and alarming is that this policy allows not just “trans” students and teachers to invade the private spaces of opposite-sex persons; it allows all students and teachers to do so. This misguided policy will also affect all visitors to the school who will be forced to use co-ed bathrooms.

In a Twitter video, CPS Title IX Officer Camie Pratt explains that the new signage “will make it clear that all restrooms are open for use by anyone who feels comfortable.”

Banning sex-based bathrooms necessarily excludes all children and staff who believe feelings of modesty and the desire for safety and privacy when engaged in personal bodily functions emerge from and are based on sexual differentiation. In other words, girls, boys, women, and men who believe biological sex matters are excluded from policy consideration. All that matters in bathroom usage policy and practice are the radical beliefs of those who affirm controversial, ahistorical, anti-science “gender theory.”

Now, any 5th-grade boy who is “comfortable” using a formerly girls’ bathroom is free to use it with 1st-grade girls. Any 12th-grade boy may use a formerly girls’ bathroom with 9th-grade girls. Any male staff member may use formerly women’s bathrooms. And in schools that permit adult staff members to use student bathrooms — as many do — male teachers will be free to use formerly girls’ bathrooms with female students.

How will these co-ed bathrooms be monitored to protect against sexual abuse or consensual sex? And how will the CPS retain students and staff now that the CPS has stripped them of their human rights? In Feb. 2021, U.S. Representative Grace Meng (D-NY) reintroduced her bill that seeks to protect girls and women in refugee camp bathrooms. Meng explained,

Unfortunately, many bathrooms in refugee camps do not provide appropriate safety protections. … [O]ften times the restrooms are mixed-sex, public, and without locks. … These conditions create a lack of privacy and dignity and make women and girls afraid to use the restrooms, fearing that they may be assaulted and subjected to violence while using the bathroom. These types of conditions are unacceptable. Nobody should have their safety jeopardized in order to care for their most basic hygiene needs. (emphasis added)

The new CPS policy and the accompanying signage implicitly teach children that physical privacy has nothing to do with physical embodiment as male or female. The explanations offered by leftists about this radical policy change teach children that in order to be respectful, inclusive, compassionate, and equitable, they must relinquish their feelings of modesty, their desire for privacy, and their good and right beliefs about the meaning of biological sex.

Case in point, WGN-TV cites self-identifying “education program manager” Curran Cross who says, “We want to make an environment as respectful and inclusive as we can.”

Cross believes respect for “trans,” “nonbinary,” “genderfluid,” and “gender nonconforming” girls and boys entails disrespecting the natural and good feelings and right beliefs of those who do not want to use bathrooms with opposite-sex persons.

Further, conservative parents do not want their children’s school undermining their beliefs about modesty and privacy.

Word to Cross, respect for humans does not require disrespect for their objective sex which never changes.

A parent identified as “Mandal Golden” told WGN-TV that “I’m fine with [sexually integrated bathrooms]. We have boys and girls at home, it’s the same policy.”

Generally speaking, in one’s home, by age 7-8, brothers and sisters are not sharing the same bathroom at the same time, except for tooth-brushing. And they’re not sharing the same bathroom at the same time with unrelated opposite-sex peers, strangers, adults, and older kids.

Golden also claimed that his or her kids are “not scared to use the washroom at home.” Maybe they would be scared or uncomfortable if they were using the bathroom at home and in walked an unrelated child of the opposite sex who was four years older.

Moreover, while safety is a serious concern, it is not the foundational issue. The foundational issue pertains to the meaning of biological sex. “Trans”-cultists believe it has no meaning — except, of course, when it matters to them as when they lop off healthy body parts to masquerade as the sex they are not and never can be.

The end goal of the “trans” cult and its ideological allies has never been the freedom of a small number of gender dysphoric persons to access opposite-sex private spaces. The end goal has always been the eradication of all public recognition of sex differences. No more sex-segregated bathrooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms, saunas, dorm rooms, nursing home rooms, prison cells, sports, or book clubs. The policy CPS has implemented signifies a giant leap toward that end.

No child can be properly trained up in the way they should go by adults who don’t respect the reality and meaning of biological sex. The systemically corrupt and crumbling public school system needs to collapse. Get your kids out now. And on your way out, find out exactly who came up with the dumb idea of co-ed bathrooms. He, she, or they need to feel the righteous wrath of taxpayers.

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The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) system — rife with systemic bias against conservative views of sex and sexuality — has announced its newest effort to cultivate “inclusivity” and “equity” in all of its K-12 schools. The “social justice” activists, pudden-heads, and lemmings who lead the CPS have banned all single-sex bathrooms for children and staff. Instead, children and staff are free to use any bathroom they are “comfortable” using.

What about folks who don't feel comfortable using any of the restrooms that anyone can use at any time?

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If that's not bad enough check this out

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Lightfoot and her Democrat Comrades pushing this nonsense should be forcibly committed to insane asylums. Loudoun Co., VA is the test case for what's going to happen in Chicago and every other place that allows boys and girls in the same bathroom. Even though Loudoun Co. still had gender-specific bathrooms, they allowed boys pretending to be girls to use the girls' bathroom. Yeah, how'd that work out ~ the same boy dressed in a skirt raped a 15 year old girl and 14 year old girl at two different schools. It happened twice because the school board tried to cover up the first rape by sending the boy to another school rather than prison. :furious And putting boys and girls in the same locker room, what could possibly go wrong there? :faint2Were these lunatics never teenagers or like Joe are they suffering from dementia and don't remember what teenagers are like. Sadly, it's going to be worse than in the past because now boys can do whatever they want in Communist Democrat-run cities without any fear of being prosecuted. If I had a daughter going to public school now, I'd be terrified. On second thought, I wouldn't be terrified because she'd either be homeschooled or going to private Christian school.
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The kids who who object will be sent to re-education camps for some "woke" indoctrination brainwashing. The girls who end up pregnant will receive free abortions. Schools will be given immunity from lawsuits, because, after all, this is for the "public good". Modesty and safety bad. Diversity and perversity good.

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I want to know how many parents are going to put up with this. Will there be a mass exodus out of the school district? if they can't afford to move, will they send their children to live with relatives outside the district during the school year? Will some opt to pay for private schools. Will there be a massive class action lawsuit? Will there be recall elections against the members of the school board? Will they sit on their hands and do nothing at all?


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In jr high and high school most kids of the same gender won't even take showers after gym class in front of one another, now they expect to mix them and make them share the same bathroom, forget thier minds have the Democrats lost their memories?