No Avatar Images


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I made a comment in another thread about the new "bag person" avatars that some of you have now. I thought I'd explain why that is. Here is what I said in the other thread:

Some of you got new "avatars" of a "bag person" for not having an avatar. Over the past year or so I asked some of you to upload one as it made the forum look kind of bad with empty white placeholder images for avatars. This version of the forum software does not automatically create one for you, so I had to upload about 9 images to cover all the various avatar sizes.

If you upload an image for your avatar, any kind of image will do, then it will get rid of the "bag person" and replace it with what you uploaded. In the next version of the software, when we upgrade, the system automatically assigns you a multi-colored box with the first letter fo your screen name. But for now, this was the best I could do.

I would like for everyone to get some sort of avatar so we don't have all that "white space" on the board where avatars are supposed to be. I picked an avatar that I thought might get people inclined to find something to swap it out with. :lol

I might have to change the bag person to something like a cross or something. Hopefully folks will do it themselves. I think it will make the board look nicer and more cozy when everyone has an avatar. Avatars can be pictures of yourself, pictures of other things, etc. If you don't want to upload and avatar, you can just use the "bag person" avatar until you find something you like.

Thank you for understanding.