Nightmare Scenario Tornado in Oklahoma City area


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Moore, OK and towns nearby

Lord Jesus please protect your children from this horrific storm. Please pray for this town. They need our prayers right now.


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We just had a monster of a tornado in Moore, Oklahoma with the same level of ferocity that we had back in 1999 when we had an F-6 tornadoe (most powerful ever recorded). An elementary school and several neighborhoods have been leveled. The damage is being described as catastrophic.

Please pray for the children who are possibly trapped and those who lost their homes.


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Re: Moore, OK and towns nearby

Praying :pray:

I am hearing right now two schools were hit...I think it's Oklahoma City


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At least 15 children are trapped in the debris of an elementary school. Parents are frantic to get to the area but are being kept back because the situation is so hazardous. Please keep praying!


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Dear Lord, we entrust these children to Your care. Give peace to the families, I ask. And may they learn through this to turn to You, if they have not already. And if they have, then may they learn they can trust You completely.


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Just saw some of the devastation on the news - It looks like a bomb site there. Keeping everyone in my prayers and for the rescue crews responsible for trying to get these trapped children. Guide them dear Father and bring comfort to the parents of these precious children that may be trapped. Lord I lift up these little children that are trapped and scared, protect them I pray and still there little hearts.