Nicola Sturgeon stands down


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Scottish First Minster and SNP leader today announced her intention to stand down after 8 years in the job.

She was the U.K’s longest serving leader and has overseen the SNP‘s phenomenal rise to power in Scotland and at Westminster.

Her party failed to secure another independence referendum from Westminster, which was her flagship policy at the last Scottish general election.

Over her 8 years in the job she secured two general election victories in Scotland and saw the SNP grab 53 of the 59 Scottish seats in the U.K. Parliament. As recently as a dozen or so years ago the SNP were not just a minority party in the U.K. bagging as little as 6 of the 59 seats there, but also in Scotland where they regularly polled poor in elections.

It will be interesting to see who takes over in the leadership contest and if the SNP change tack and lose or maintain the popular vote in the next election.


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Saw it wonder what the situation was that caused her resignation.
I have a feeling that her resignation is connected to the controversy over her stance on the convicted rapist, Isla Bryson, who was initially placed in a female prison. This person apparently only identified as transgender post conviction, there was a massive uproar that caused the UK government to intervene in the matter. I read this morning that she was possibly facing legal ramifications over the matter further down the line.


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Saw it wonder what the situation was that caused her resignation.
It's very strange for she stated only a few days before that she wasn't thinking of going.

Yesterday's hastily arranged press conference, caught the press, the govt's both in Scotland and the UK, her party and the public off guard.

Some of the journalists there were still unpacking their mics and cameras when she arrived at the podium, such was the sudden announcement of an impending statement from the First Minister.

The feeling is that she was either being pushed or something had occurred overnight Tuesday into Wednesday that has still to be revealed or not.