Newark’s (New Jersey) Cry for Trump


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A pallet of bottled water is delivered to a recreation center in Newark, NJ., Aug. 13.

August 16, 2019
Newark’s Cry for Trump

The city ignores its lead-tainted water problem and now pleads for help.
Democrats in New Jersey love to attack President Trump, but they are now begging his Administration to fix Newark’s lead-tainted water that they ignored. Here is another parable of how liberal governance is corroding America’s big cities from the inside out. [More at link]

Democrats in NJ hate Trump until they need him.


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Water works rarely ever distribute lead-contaminated water out to consumers. It's rarely ever in the finish water because it's rarely ever in the intake. Lead is one of many contaminants that municipal and private water providers have to sample for. What more typically happens is that the pH of the water may be sufficient to cause lead in solder joints ( copper pipe) to leach. In any event, the source of the lead is the house piping through which it travels, not the finish water itself. The fix? Replumb the house. The other, more primary and direct exposure to lead in older homes is decades old lead paint. Flint Michigan became a political nightmare because many of the affected residents were black and quickly went from a chemistry issue to an unwinnable environmental justice situation. It became racial.