New York Times: Sure, Everyone Knew Joe Biden Talked to His Son’s Business Partners


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New York Times: Sure, Everyone Knew Joe Biden Talked to His Son’s Business Partners
Every political scandal has three phases. 1. Vigorous denials. 2. Partial denials. 3. Everyone knew it was true all along
By Daniel Greenfield

Every political scandal has three phases.

1. Vigorous denials

2. Partial denials

3. Everyone knew it was true all along so what’s the big deal anyway?

The New York Times seems to be rapidly accelerating toward phase 3.

President Biden met with and spoke to his son Hunter’s international business associates on a number of occasions over a decade as Hunter Biden sought to drum up consulting deals, including while his father was vice president, his former business partner told Congress on Monday.

However, in nearly five hours of closed-door testimony to the House Oversight Committee, Devon Archer, the former partner, asserted that the elder Mr. Biden was not party to any of his son’s business deals and that Hunter Biden had tried to sell the illusion that he was providing access to his powerful father when he was not, according to Democrats on the panel.

It’s not an illusion…if he was providing access.

When he repeatedly got his father on the phone to talk to his business partners, that was access. The New York Times is trying to argue that Joe Biden was too stupid to understand why his son kept putting him on the phone with foreign businessmen.

“Hi son, what’s up.”

“Hey dad, just wanted to introduce you to two new members of my crack lacrosse team. This is Li from China, Pavel from Ukraine and Osama from Afghanistan.”

“Great to meet you guys, so how’s the weather?”

But Democrats said that Mr. Archer had described the conversations in which the elder Mr. Biden participated as short and casual — about topics like the weather — and his interactions as little more than stopping by a dinner or a hotel for a brief handshake or a few pleasantries over the phone.

“The witness was very, very consistent that none of those conversations ever had to do with any business dealings or transactions,” said Representative Dan Goldman, Democrat of New York and a member of the Oversight Committee who participated in the interview. “They were purely what he called ‘casual conversation.’”

The only people the New York Times thinks are dumber than Joe Biden are its own readers.

Hunter’s business, Devon Archer testified, was being able to deliver access to his father. And then his father phoned, walked over or otherwise held ‘casual conversations’ to demonstrate that Hunter could deliver him. Hunter negotiated the deals and, as we’ve seen already, he did so in his father’s name.

But let’s hit Phase 3.

“It has long been known that the elder Mr. Biden at times interacted with his son’s business partners.”

Isn’t that a great throwaway line toward the end? What’s the big deal? We knew all along that Joe Biden lied. Everyone does it. It proves nothing. And we’ll treat anything else you prove in the same exact way.