New York police found soundproof room in home of accused Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann’s: Report


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New York police found soundproof room in home of accused Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann’s: Report
The latest development comes as police have been combing through the accused killer's home for clues
By Bradford Betz | Fox News

Authorities have reportedly found a soundproof room in the basement of accused Gilgo Beach serial Rex Heuermann’s home where at least one woman may have been killed. The latest development in the investigation, first reported by The New York Post, comes as New York State Troopers and Suffolk County police have been combing through the accused killer’s home for clues since his arrest earlier month. Photos obtained by Fox News Digital show police using ground penetrating equipment, a backhoe, and cadaver dogs in searching Heuermann’s house in Massapequa Park, New York Sunday.



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I find it hard to believe that the wife was in the dark about her husband's creepy ways. I know every inch of my house so I can't fathom how my husband could have a sound proof room without my knowledge. All of the neighbors were fearful of him and stayed their distance so the wife stuck her head in the sand about what was going on.


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She may have been threatened, she may have been the perpetrator, or a participant.

That is the trouble today, the audience is already judging, the cops are pressed for answers, and the ones actually doing the work are struggling to do it right as one slip can allow a murder to go free.

Our system is damaged, but its one of the better ones in this world.
Sadly, satan sometimes rewards his minions with opportunity to commit more evil.


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I thought something like this would be found, either in the home or some other location. I remember the man in Austria that held his daughter (who birthed like 5 kids) in his basement for around 20 years and the wife never knew it. This mother was dealing with a handicapped son and who knows what kind of treatment from this man.
The families did say that a woman was sometimes involved in the calling after their person went missing. Who was that or was it him speaking like a woman?
So many facets to this case, I don't even want to think about what these women went thru.

(I hope there is no metal containers on his property in SC.)

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We had a next door neighbor that told us he was making one of his downstairs rooms soundproof. He had a son who played the drums, and we were grateful. The next occupants of the house had a grown son living at home whose "hobby" (or racket), was "rooster fighting". He kept roosters in an upstairs room and none of the neighbors knew it until he had moved away.

Now we have a neighbor across the street from us from Honduras. As far as we know, there is one woman, about eight men, and four or five children every other weekend. Do you blame me for being a little suspicious? No, I'm Not prejudice! Actually, we live in a very nice neighborhood!!