New ultimatum as Israel gives warning

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Here we go folks

Israel is telling Palestinians in ME they have hours to get out of their homes or die

this is on the heels of them rejecting a peace initiative

thousand of Israeli ground troops stand ready along the Gaza border :surprised

The countdown is Now folks :surprised

so much for the land for peace way back :doh:

looks like Gaza is finally going to get dealt with
Israel of course has no choice
they rejected the cease fire
that equates to FIRE :preach

will be a lot of casualties for sure
Israel uses their weapons to defend their citizens
Pals use their citizens to defend their weapons

go figure :twitch

Pals not to bright , not at all :doh:

Kerry failed miserably just as everyone knew

the price of oil should get driven to a all time low for a few reasons so they have nothing to continue to attack with

wish I could see 1:37 at the pump by tomorrow morn :cool2:

yes Im dreaming it .

the only way to disarm these mad dogs is to begin somewhere and oil is one somewhere
starve them out from their cause

praying fervently for Israel :pray:

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a cease fire initiative
peace was out the window all the way long ago and the Pals have never articulated peace in any deal they ever made
have no intentions of that either

nevertheless many will cease to exist due to the mad dog hatred driving Israels arch enemy :tsk:


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If all of this happens now, we should not be surprised as God has foretold that all of this would happen. We can rely on our Heavenly Father to lead us correctly by giving us the truth in His Word. Lean on God and not your own understandings. Pray for those who will get saved before it is too late. :pray:

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:thumbup :(( said extremely well Chris we know the more important of things our Father has for us to do :(( :pray:
It is a time of times :pray:

I feel many of the fleeing people from Gaza are or could become ripened candidates :(( for the good news of the Gospel something those folks really need at present time
God can supply needs and it is a exiting time for the laborers in the field :thumbup It is even true unto today during times of great persecution and oppression the church grew :elmogrin
Amazing Grace abounding :pray:


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War is in the air......

Yes- a veritable contagion of violence all over the planet. Imagine the repercussions of a single errant rocket from Hamas striking that golden dome on the temple mount. Mankind only seems to understand violence. Soon our Father is going to give them so much of it that they will never want to make war again. At least, the few who survive.
Come Lord