New UK PM Truss Announces Energy Bill Price Freeze, End of Fracking Ban, New Oil Drilling Licences

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Prime Minister Liz Truss has announced a freeze on energy bills, an end to the ban on fracking for shale gas, and new licences to drill oil in the North Sea.

With the United Kingdom facing a punishing energy and cost of living crisis, Truss, who at the beginning of this week succeeded Boris Johnson to become Britain’s fourth Conservative (Tory) prime minister since David Cameron ousted the Labour Party in 2010, has opted for radical intervention to stem the proverbial bleeding and lay the foundations for greater energy independence after years of mismanagement.

......On domestic production, Truss promises a “over 100 new licences” to extract North Sea oil and gas, and accelerated deployment of “clean and renewable technologies including hydrogen, solar, carbon capture and storage, and wind, where we are already a world leader in offshore generation.”

More importantly, she confirmed she will “end the moratorium on extracting our huge reserves of shale, which could get gas flowing as soon as six months” — but only “where there is local support for it”, meaning climate activists could significantly slow things down.

Truss did make a point of saying she remained “committed to net zero by 2050” regardless of her announcements on fracking and North Sea extraction, however......

I just can't see this push for getting away from oil being realistic at all.