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Well, actually, they stand for making money. Lots and lots of money. Enough to rule the world. The means, to them, is immaterial. All that matters is the end-- power. So, manufacturing bibles for a profit is not really oxymoronic in their scheme of things. It's just a means to their intended end.

That said, I'll take your challenge. Here's one of my favorite oxymorons: abortion-supporting Christian.

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I was in the dollar store this morning and saw KJV Bibles on a shelf. I picked up one and looked at the wrapper. Made in China.

China hates Christianity. So why are they producing something that is against what they stand for, something they persecute? Oxymoronic.

Your turn.

Be careful with Chinese Bibles. They've said they're going to change them.

As PC as the rest of the world is, probably be careful when selecting any Bible :cry