New to You


Hi All.
I was around in 2007 to maybe the mid teens. I don't even remember too many members from back then, save Tall Timbers.

I go to a small Baptist church that decided to combine with another congregation - it really feels like a takeover honestly - of Calvinists. The new church is made up of young people with lots of kids, which we needed, but unfortunately they are putting in place a total 9marks operation and they are, as I said, Calvinist. I feel a little betrayed because when the first proposed the merger they didn't let on any of this and their website and statement of faith seemed tame enough. It's been over a year since our elders and theirs have been crafting a new church and I sorta feel like it's too late to change anything. Right now we are two churches meeting under one roof but soon enough it'll be one flock as it were. Anyway, I may be looking for a new congregation then. J Vernon McGee used to counsel people who were in a bad congregations to be a missionary within your church for as long as possible - so I'll be doing that, but like I said, I may be on the outs with them soon.

Longish story short: I came here to read up on Calvinism, authoritarian takeovers and the like and realized how much I missed you guys.

So yeah - Hi All!