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Hi all,

A number of you would have known me from somewhere. I'm from New Zealand (although an migrant from Asia when I was a boy) live in what's known as the Quake aka Garden City. Been through a lot of churches since I became definitely sure I'm born again in Christ when in my early 20s. Currently at an evangelical Anglican church that keeps the core gospel alive and has extensive links with Sydney Anglicans.

My theology:

1. Somewhat calvinistic but I can't say I'm really a Calvinist, definitely not a fullblown 5-pointer even though I had flirted with it for a time. My church would be considered Reformed but not hardcore so, or fundamentalist. My belief is Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sinful nature. We become saved with the work of the Holy Spirit working in our hearts drawing us to believe in the gospel of Jesus. This is the manifestation of God's grace. Without this grace no one can in his own ability believe in the gospel.

2. I oppose much of contemporary Christian worship, particularly those that downplays the gospel by replacing sin with "mistakes" and "God has a great purpose in our lives" without mentioning hell. Hell is like the edge to the gospel.

3. I'm definitely pre-tribulationist (dispensational) like Arnold Fruchtenbaum. I believe amillennialism is false, although most idealistic amillennialists I have met (including a majority of Sydney Anglicans like Al Stewart, Philip Jensen, Simon Manchester, John Chapman, etc) are probably even more fervent in sharing the gospel and don't mince words when mentioning sins and the gospel.

4. I have seen from personal experience some pre-tribbers like David Jeremiah who are into Rick Warren, while I also know amillennialists who denounce end times church apostasy such as Daniel Chew or Michael Horton. Ironically, in the churches I've moved around my current church's associate minister has talked the most frequently about Jesus' Second Coming, visible church's apostasy, and Judgment Day, and yet he is amillennial in Bible prophecy!

5. I reject any moves of making a church "relevant" to the current generation. I accept at church worship the more conservative forms of CCM such as Kristyn Gerry and Stuart Townend, Sovereign Grace Music, Michael Morrow, Simone Richardson, etc, but reserving at least 1/3 of worship time to traditional hymns. I reject the use of dramas and skits, and videos as illustration during regular church services. I also reject claims that Bible study is counterproductive to developing godliness. I reject the use of music by Hillsong, Michael W. Smith, David Crowder, etc during worship.

I reject the mystical Emergent form of worship, as well as the rock concert style of contemporary "praise and worship" form of worship. My preference is hymn sandwich form of worship (song-announcement/prayer of confession-song-Sunday school disperse-sing-sermon-offatory+song-prayer-song). And I place a premium on the need to add more public reading of the Scripture during church services as required by 1 Timothy 4:13.

6. I don't believe tongues are normative at this part of church age. There may be healings and tongues as in foreign language, but they are used for illustrating the power of the missionaries when reaching the unreached parts of the world, and even then not all missionaries will possess such gifts. I reject tongues as prayers tongues, I also reject dreams and visions as manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

7. Charities to the surrounding communities are important and are the mark of loving our neighbours, but I see John 17 shows the most important testimony to the world of Jesus' love, above all, is our love and care towards fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. And even this should not be in any way be any part of the gospel, which is exclusively Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

I promise I won't shove Reformed theology down every one's throat, if you guys don't try to shove Lifehouse skits down mine.

Looking forward to fellowship with you all.




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Well, bro, we may disagree on those things that are non-essential to the core of the gospel; but we most certainly agree on the one main essential— we are saved through faith in the Son of God by the grace of God alone. Welcome to RF, Joel.