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Please do not get used to the “splash” style as that was the old one on the board. It is only there because it was not deleted before installing the new software. It is not compatible with this software. It is not designed for it. I will be removing it soon. But the current style can be color changed, I’ll just have to figure out how to do it. I was going to fool with that this Weekend. We can see what we can do about customizing the default style.
Good to know, I changed back to the blue default this morning and have gotten used to it. I too am liking the new set up and THANK YOU, Chris for this site!!! :hug

Almost Heaven

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Let's go without the most post and likes for awhile. I think we can also do without the function of writing on profiles, it was rarely used.
I would like to have back the function that brings up Bible verses though.
Thank you Chris this is the best upgrade yet!


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How do the emojis work. That field just above Reply box now looks kind of foggy, and I can't seem to get it to work.
Lynn see where it shows the link icon the smiley face is after that. Click on that, and it will show all the smilies.
I tap on smiley face & nothing happens. It used to work fine for me until new layout. They still appear to work for others, but I'm not having any success.


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Is there a way to Edit, change or add to our Signature on the new layout?

That feature is still turned off as there were people posting huge images and long lines of text (including and up to a whole song) in their signature and that area was getting kind of messy. Are you folks wanting the signature area back? :scratch

The backend area is new to me and I haven't found where to turn the signatures on if we decide to do that. I'll look around some during the long weekend. :)

Andy C

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Im glad the most posts and likes totals are not on this layout. I do believe for some, to include myself, it can be a sort of like a competition. I tend to fixate on numbers, and Im highly competitive in just about everything I do, and I did not like the side of me that paid attention to the “tote” board. However, tote board or not, I will keep posting away, enjoying the fellowship and learning from others.