New E cars, Go green if you can afford it

Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
My thoughts exactly. But if not, the Lord will give us strength get through it.
So much happened so fast in 2020....kinda shows us what can happen at a rapid speed.
Seems like those planned cities would take a while to build.

I've been watching TPTB destroy Minneapolis with this kind of thing. They rip out neighborhoods of affordable, small houses, allow a shortage of housing for lower economic classes disperse the previous inhabitants, and build boxes to house people at inflated rents that make developers, owners (often corporate) and a few property management companies a lot of money :mad

Standard of living goes down, crime, stress, mental illness, and illness go up, heat, pollution, and flooding go up, and stress on the infrastructure goes up (leading to more rapid and major breakdowns). The gangs more tightly control an area and individual buildings. TPTB can dictate whatever they want via "building permits" for developers and builders, "business licenses" (and annual renewals) for property owners and managers, and code enforcement (including annual "inspections" of rentals and owned units in multiple family buildings. Gun control, pet control, square footage per resident, utilities use per resident, ability to grow/raise food for one's self and family, and who can live where (and why) all controlled. Gerrymandering no longer needed to control elections because quotas, etc. imposed on property managers for rental application approvals, etc. Reminds me of Soviet Bloc housing or Hitler's ghettos for Jews and other "undesirables" before shipping off for "the final solution." Here, the big bloc housing is being put up along and proximate to light rail and extant bus routes :hmmm :eek

Traditionally, conventional wisdom has said no more than 1/4 of one's take-home pay should be spent on mortgage payments (including taxes and insurance), but current apartment tenancy approval mirrors Section 8 mandate: 1/3 of one's gross income should be sliding scale for tenant rent. This is how TPTB have historically trapped poor people into renting and never able to save up a down payment to be able to buy. Now, apartment managers/property management companies, etc. are using social credit scores, credit scores, criminal history, race, age, disability, gun ownership, pet ownership, etc., in addition to monthly gross income, to determine who is "worthy" or "eligible" to rent a particular apartment in a particular building. There is absolutely a tenant black list, as well. Any time a question is raised, the answer is a;ways, "the owner" or "the insurance company." When back-tracking further, "code enforcement," mandated "elderly and disabled safety," and "social justice" requirements and quotas are revealed.

As it is right now, between horrifically soaring purchase prices, rapidly rising interest rates, insane rents, and age/disability, I will be neither able to buy or rent after Dad dies, so I'll be forced to a much cheaper state (i one even exists then), or into my small backpacking tent in a homeless encampment (with my German Shepherd). Unless I'm so decrepit by then that the doctor says I have to go to assisted living or a nursing home, which means I can use my long-term care insurance to pay all or the majority of costs. Until then the premiums :eek :eek: :apostasy :woah :fear:sob :cry

I firmly believe that boxes (apartments, etc.) are a connivance of the devil :tapping :furious :rant :mad :wild :frust :cry

8 Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth!
Isaiah 5:8, KJV

:pray :pray :amen :amen

Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
I've seen photos of just that--- landfills in other countries full of electric cars, no batteries.

What a waste.
Technology exists to refurbish the batteries to at lest 90 percent of new, which is also a plus for the environment (fewer new batteries having to be manufactured).

Of course, it's just another part of the throw-away culture (things and people :mad

A close friend of mine that oowned a salvage and towing business talked to a Prius mechanic that came on board at a Toyota dealership with the very first Prii, and he'd only seen one Prius have to get a new (big) battery, and had seen (then) a couple Prii with over a million miles. Not too worried about mine, but if I'm ever in a position to do so, I'm considering getting a spare battery, even if it's a refurbished one, so in case they ever stop making them. If I never need it, great, and I can most likely sell it to someone else, or to a recycler to reuse the lithium. Given my age and less driving now, If I take care of my car and God continues to protect it, it's entirely possible I'll never have to buy another vehicle again :lol

:pray :pray :amen :amen

Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
I think the latest Judge Dredd movie almost captured it. While I don't think the highrises were built linearly in the movie, it had everyone (at least the rank and file) living in them. Some had gangs that were pretty much running their buildings as they saw fit... which I could see happening in real life if we ever get housed that way.

It's been happening for generations in some places already. "Only" decades in other places, and "only" since the newer buildings were put up in other places. It's ridiculous. The old and disabled without the means of self protection or means to pay for armed escort/security are the first to get victimized :mad


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I’ve had the sneaking suspicion that the ultimate goal is to have us all living in cities in small, crappy apartments near public transportation. Maybe you can have a bike. The goal is to have everybody jammed together so as to make it easier to control us. See PRC or the old USSR for examples.
I agree! Remember what Soros said about not owning anything and liking it? I truly believe that when we are gone, people will be easier to control and that whomever is in charge will tell people where they can live, where they will work and how much money they can have, maybe even what they have to eat….along with the MOB so they can be tracked. The examples you gave about looking at what’s ahead is spot on! They won’t stop abortion or murder and from what they are doing now, I think that older people may be at risk of living until a certain age, say 70, before they are euthanized. They will control the population too.

Lord Jesus, please come quickly!