New coalition unable to extend ban on Palestinian family reunification


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New coalition unable to extend ban on Palestinian family reunification
In bid to embarrass new government, opposition parties refuse to support law even though they back it; Ra’am opposes law and won’t vote with coalition partners
By TOI staff

The new unity government failed in its efforts Wednesday to extend a law barring Palestinians who marry Israeli citizens from receiving citizenship. Coalition chairman Idit Silman (Yamina) was forced to pull the measure from the Knesset Arrangements Committee Agenda upon realizing that she did not have enough votes for it to pass. While the right-wing opposition parties of Likud and Religious Zionism support extending the law, they decided to embarrass the coalition by announcing ahead of time that they would not back the measure.

The new coalition was forced to seek the support of the opposition because the Islamist Ra’am party opposes the law and would not vote with its partners. Family reunification in Israel typically involves an Israeli citizen requesting citizenship for his or her non-Israeli spouse. Most unification applications are submitted by Israeli Arabs on behalf of a Palestinian spouse living in the West Bank or the Gaza Strip.



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So is the Sesame Street word for the day going to be G-R-I-D-L-O-C-K or S-P-I-T-E? This is the kind of spiteful gridlock we see in US politics and shows just how pitiful politicians can be.