New Bible based church plant in New York City (New York City?...get a rope. Texas joke)


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One of the assistant pastors in my home church in Texas recently moved to NYC to help some existing teams plant new churches. It is a permanent move for him and his wife. From what he said in his last message to us, and from what others have said, NYC is a difficult area....many, many people of many, many different nations/beliefs and few Bible believing churches. But, there are some, and there are some small congregations which are basically home churches and there are some church planting efforts underway, not only by my particular church, but similar ones as well. FYI...I attend a large Bible church in Texas. Temple Bible Church in Temple, Texas if you're wondering. Anyway, if anyone is looking for a legitimate, Bible based church in the NYC area, let me know via private message and I'll send the email of where they live. Their address is on 272 Manhattan Ave....I have no idea what part of NYC that is, but it might be close to someone who's looking. I'm pretty sure it's north of Texas, other side of Amarillo, I think. RJS

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Glad to hear of this church plant. It's about time some of us started sending missionaries to places right here in the US. I'm sure that NY is considered 'hard ground' just like some of the overseas locations. Thanks for the update, and it may be of benefit to someone who is a member here, or just lurkin'. :hehheh


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That's wonderful news!!!

Dear Father, the country that used to be the witness to the world, is now in need of a teacher. We come to You to ask that You bless this new church and bring all those who are seeking, to this place. Lord, we ask that You keep a heavy hand on those who are planting precious seeds of faith in a place that doesn't seem to know you. Give them with strength and clarity and protect them from the certain attacks of the enemy, who has seemingly gotten a strong foothold in that particular area in our country. Lord, burden us to pray for this new ministry and not forget how fragile our nation is. Father, we know time is not only short, we're on borrowed time it seems. Please let those who are searching for You find the truth at this new place. We thank You Lord, for hearing Your children's pleas. In Jesus precious Name we pray, amen.