New Baseball Season


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Dad can't hear or see it on my little netbook, even using his hearing aids :frown

Time to send an email to the Minnesota Twins and complain. I know Dad isn't the only elderly person with this issue :mad :tappingfoot
It is a shame you pay for something, and then they want more money to pay for external streaming to see the local team. They always want money and more money. That stinks! :tapping
In the spring training games, the new pitch clock trimmed an average of 28 minutes off each game. It will be good this year to watch the game played as it was decades ago, with very little time in between pitches.
That gives me 2 hours and 28 minutes of my time back because I’m not watching it anymore. I think they should allow the players and fans to yell swing batter batter swing:chatterlike they do in Little League, add more to Wokeball.

Andy C

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You mean we're not supposed to do that? :eek

Are we also not supposed to yell, "I've got it!" :eek
Fans can yell whenever they want, and players often hear the worst from drunk fans.

Shoei pitched an outstanding 6 innings with 10 strikeouts, 2 hits, and no runs allowed, yet the Angels ended up losing 2-1. If the Angels cant put together a winning season this year, Shoei will sign with a better team next season.

Dodgers won!

Ghoti Ichthus

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Fans can yell whenever they want, and players often hear the worst from drunk fans.

Yup. Those same drunk fans also make life miserable for security and other fans. And if they interfere, they can change the outcome of a game.

Fun to sit in the bleachers by the bullpens and see the warm-ups and pitching techniques close-up. And most will autograph a ball. It's cool to have both the pitcher and hitter's autograph on a ball, no matter if a foul, hit, or home run.

It takes two teams, there are fans of both sides and sometime individual players, and it's supposed to be good, clean, family fun. Glad they got rid of the cigarette and chewing tobacco ads in the stadiums.


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Both my Angels and Dodgers are off to a slow start.

Angels 14-12

Dodgers 13-13
Injuries again raise their ugly heads. Angels catcher Logan O'Hoppe is out probably for the season. Not just the Angels though, Mariners Robby Ray is done for the year, that Mets reliever whose name I forgot, maybe others. And, as for Ohtani, I think he'll leave unless Angels go deep into the playoffs. If he does leave, I hope it's to an NL team so we don't have to face him each year. I could see him in San Francisco. Or with the Dodgers.