Netanyahu: We'll never form a coalition with Ra'am


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Netanyahu: We'll never form a coalition with Ra'am
After fellow Likud MK suggests Abbas could join a 'nationalist coalition of 61 MKs,' Bibi vetoes the idea.
Hezki Baruch

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud) has sharply attacked his fellow party member MK Dudi Amsalem, for suggesting that the United Arab List (Ra'am), headed by MK Mansour Abbas, might be a future coalition partner, once a "Zionist" majority of 61 MKs has been assured. "I was astounded to hear the words spoken by Dudi Amsalem," said Netanyahu. "His words reflect his personal opinion alone, and this is not the first time something like this has happened [with him]."

Netanyahu added that, "Ra'am is an anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist party which supports terrorism and represents the Muslim Brotherhood whose aspiration is to destroy Israel. The Likud party under my leadership will never agree to admit Ra'am into any form of coalition with us.