Netanyahu warns of ‘dangerous, left-wing’ Lapid-Bennett government


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Netanyahu warns of ‘dangerous, left-wing’ Lapid-Bennett government
As mandate to form a coalition is given to his rival, prime minister piles pressure on Yamina party to ‘return to the right’ and not break its election campaign promises
By Stuart Winer and TOI staff
5 May 2021

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday warned that Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid, who on Wednesday received the presidential mandate to attempt to form a government, would form a “dangerous left-wing” coalition. Netanyahu also heaped pressure on the right-wing Yamina party and its leader MK Naftali Bennett to not join any emerging coalition, and instead work with him to build a right-wing government. His remarks came after President Reuven Rivlin formally tasked Lapid with forming a government in the wake of Netanyahu’s failure to cobble together a coalition in the 28 days since he was given the same mission. Netanyahu’s allotted time ran out at midnight Tuesday. Lapid has expressed willingness to let the right-wing Bennett be prime minister first in a prospective government of left-wing, centrist and right-wing parties, as part of a rotation agreement. Netanyahu, too, earlier this week had said he was willing to step aside and let Bennett be prime minister for a year as he entreated Bennett to join a right-wing coalition with him.



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Wow. What would the impact of a leftist government in Israel be, in regards to prophecies which remain to be fulfilled?

Isaiah 17? Ezekiel 38-39? Daniel 9:27?
Isaiah 17:

This battle seems to speak of an equipped ready IDF that isn't hindered in it's response, but perhaps makes an error in judgment leading to the utter destruction of Damascus (which isn't usually Israel's style, but appears that God Himself allows it). The IDF, (children of Israel) are mentioned here and God is with them.

In my opinion, this passage seems to indicate that Damascus did something to start things. A weak Israeli leader would encourage that kind of attack. Especially if the Iranians who are firmly entrenched encourage such an attack. Assad is a puppet of Iran even though Russia is also his master. Many in Syria answer to Iran, not Russia so this might encourage Iran to do their usual proxy war attack.

Ezekiel 38-39:

This battle happens while Israel is minding their own business, not expecting any attack, being happily secure in their own ability to respond. (another reason to think it's in the aftermath of Isaiah 17). They don't have the ABILITY or the TIME to respond. The attack is sudden, massive and seemingly unwinnable. Except GOD intervenes. The IDF isn't mentioned at all. God does it ALL.

In my opinion, this again requires a leader without much ability to read other leaders of nations like Russia, Iran and Turkey in particular. That is NOT describing Netanyahu who plays Putin like a violin and routinely annoys Turkey by seeing thru their machinations, and aggravates Iran by waltzing in and out of Iran at will, proving their bad intent re nukes, or conducting assassinations and demolitions at will. Bibi gets it done. Doubt that any other current leader wannabe has the skill set.

Daniel 9:27 the infamous covenant with the AC

This is a TERRIBLE deal described as a covenant with Death and Hades. It is a pattern of Israel to make bargains with other nations that have oppressed them in the past (Egypt is the one Jeremiah worried about when they were avoiding Babylonian invasion) instead of turning to God and doing what HE asks. That is part of the final 7 weeks of Daniel, the purpose being to end that habit forever and turn all Israel to God.

In my opinion again, this is NOT descriptive of Netanyahu who typically thinks 17 moves ahead to see what any future deal will cost Israel.

In short, if Bibi comes out on top it will not last long and the time for weak and foolish leaders is coming. Not just for Israel, but all over. Setting the stage for things to come.